Sunday, August 23, 2015



life has happened.
We have lived in South Dakota for about 10 months, and last month I finally got my SD drivers license.
We bought a house in late November, moved in right before Christmas.
I got a job working at a daycare.
My parents came out to visit us early July, and we went camping. Sariah loved it.
We bought a camper, have gone fishing, made friends, and gotten to know this crazy stage that no one ever talks about.

And now, we are moving.
To Colorado, for a new job for Joe. In a few weeks. It's scary, exciting, and overwhelming. I am sort of exhausted thinking about it. 
I tell Sariah we are moving to Colorado and will go to a new preschool and make new friends. That excites her. Her excitement and asking when we are going to Colorado everyday helps. 

Because honestly, I am scared. Not hair of the moving process- but that for the last 3 years, ever since we moved to the Midwest, we have been trying to get back west. And now it's happening, and I fear I had succumbed to all the stereotype fears the Midwest talks about the west.

It's new, but we have had lots of new lately. 
It's unexpected. 
It's an adventure.


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